Author: Sonya Rehman 
Publisher: ZUKA Books 
Editor: Mehr F. Husain 
Cover Design: Maryam Akram 
Publication Date: November, 2022 
For ages: 9 and above


Wolfie, a very scared little dog, escapes a cruel dog farm on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan. Leaving behind his friends, Wolfie embarks on a mission to come back to rescue them. The story follows Wolfie on an adventure of a lifetime, full of new friends and the most important lesson he will ever learn: that when you believe in yourself, magic always follows.

About the Author

Sonya Rehman has been a journalist for many years, reporting on local art and culture for a number of publications.  A Fulbright scholar and Pulitzer-Moore Fellow, awarded during her MS in Print Journalism from Columbia Journalism School, Sonya’s first, non-fiction book, Embroidering Dreams - 50 Years of Empowering Women and Preserving the Craft of Needlework, was published in 2021.  An animal lover since she was a child, Sonya has five rescue dogs who she loves very much. This is her first book for children. 

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